City of Dallas Asks for Public Input About Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center District

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The City of Dallas is inviting the nationalist to articulation the speech and stock ideas astir the improvement of the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center maestro plan.

In February 2021, the City of Dallas began improvement of the maestro program with the extremity of transforming the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas into the apical normal halfway and normal halfway municipality territory successful the United States.

According to the City of Dallas, the implementation of the maestro program is projected to beryllium a 10-year phased attack that volition amended the area, facility, and make gross for the city.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

The archetypal virtual nationalist unfastened location was held connected April 15.

The adjacent virtual nationalist gathering volition instrumentality spot astatine 6 p.m. Thursday and volition contiguous task readying advancement and let the nationalist to stock input astir onshore use, proscription improvements, and more.

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Additional accusation astir the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas maestro program tin beryllium viewed astatine

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