Catholic Diocese of Dallas to Reinstate Obligation to Attend Mass in Person

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The Catholic Diocese of Dallas has announced that congregants volition soon beryllium obligated to erstwhile again be Sunday Mass in person.

In March 2020, Bishop Edward Burns waived the work to be Mass connected Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation for wellness and information reasons during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Catholic Diocese of Dallas, aft consulting with different priests and successful airy of the improved COVID-19 conditions successful Texas and crossed the country, Bishop Burns informed the clergy that the dispensation volition beryllium lifted successful the Diocese of Dallas connected Aug. 15.


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"I'm everlastingly grateful to the men, women, and young radical who worshiped from location oregon followed restrictions in our churches to stay safe and faithful done the precise hard challenges of the past year," Bishop Burns said. "It volition beryllium a joyful time for maine to spot our churches filled again. I look guardant to seeing you each successful Church." 

The televised Mass that is offered online and on local television stations volition proceed to be available, the Catholic Diocese of Dallas said.

A video connection from Bishop Burns arsenic good arsenic the full decree lifting the dispensation is disposable online.

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