Book Giveaway Benefits Kids in Two Fort Worth ISD Schools

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Blue Zones Project, an enactment supporting longer amended lives successful Fort Worth, is teaming with section schools and Scholastic Book Fairs to marque books much accessible to hundreds of country students.

Students astatine C.C. Moss and the Leadership Academy astatine Como simple schools were the archetypal to instrumentality portion successful the aviator program.

Second, 3rd and 4th grades are cardinal years successful gathering speechmaking skills. So kids successful those grades got 2 escaped books each.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

Students successful pre-K, kindergarten, archetypal and 5th grades each got 1 book.

“It was the lawsuit of the twelvemonth astatine C.C. Moss,” Carrie Hogg, schoolhouse librarian, said successful a quality release. “Every pupil near with large smiles and fantastic books! It has been a precise unpredictable and hard year. Many families are struggling. Blue Zones Project has made my librarian bosom precise happy!”

“There is nary mode to adjacent picture the interaction and generosity Blue Zones Project and Texas Health person connected our students,” said Keyan Brady, instructional specializer astatine the Leadership Academy astatine Como Elementary. “The children’s eyes lit up arsenic they scanned the hundreds of books they would get to take from, and they were truthful arrogant to locomotion retired with their precise ain book. It was the champion time ever-their words, not mine.”

In all, much than 700 students present person caller books astatine location to assistance them support up their skills during summer.

Because the pandemic affected learning for virtually each children, Blue Zones Project is putting adjacent much absorption connected its enactment with partners successful education.

“We cognize that semipermanent well-being depends connected galore factors, but literacy and learning are cardinal to each of them,” said Matt Dufrene, vice president of Blue Zones Project Fort Worth successful a statement. “As a beardown reader, you tin amended recognize however to amended your wellness and pass much easy with doctors and different well-being experts-plus, you are much apt to person a amended prime of beingness overall. We are arrogant to enactment with Fort Worth ISD and Scholastic Book Fairs to enactment much books successful the hands of kids.”

Blue Zones Project volition proceed its efforts with C.C. Moss Elementary and the Leadership Academy astatine Como Elementary, to spot however students are benefiting from the literacy programs. And the publication fairs whitethorn grow to different schools successful the future.

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