Blue Origin Brings Space Tourism to Tiny West Texas Town Van Horn

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For years, the authoritative letterhead for the tiny municipality of Van Horn, tucked neatly among the foothills of the Guadalupe Mountains, work simply: “Farming, ranching, mining.”

And portion determination is inactive immoderate farming and ranching successful this acold West Texas community, and a talc excavation inactive operates adjacent the borderline of town, there’s different booming concern successful its midst: abstraction tourism.

The sprawling spaceport of Blue Origin, the institution founded by concern magnate Jeff Bezos in 2000, is located astir 25 miles extracurricular of the municipality of astir 1,800 residents connected what was erstwhile desolate godforsaken ranchland. On Tuesday, the institution plans to motorboat 4 radical connected a 10-minute travel into space, including Bezos, his brother, Mark, pistillate aviation pioneer Wally Funk, and Oliver Daemen, an 18-year-old Dutchman and last-minute fill-in for the victor of a $28 cardinal foundation auction who had a scheduling conflict. Funk, astatine property 82, and Daemen volition go the oldest and youngest radical successful space.

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“That’s the large buzz successful this small town,” said Valentina Muro arsenic she rang up a lawsuit astatine the Broadway Café on Van Horn’s main strip. “It’s benignant of enactment Van Horn connected the representation a small much than it was.”

The town, which sprouted up successful the precocious 1800s during the operation of the Texas and Pacific Railway, present is mostly an overnight halt for travelers on Interstate 10, which runs parallel to the town’s main road, dotted with hotels, restaurants, motortruck stops and convenience stores.

“Our biggest driving unit is the tourism dollar,” said Van Horn Mayor Becky Brewster.

The town’s proximity to Big Bend National Park, the Guadalupe Mountains, an past obstruction reef that includes the 4 highest peaks successful Texas, and New Mexico’s Carlsbad Caverns besides makes it an perfect pit halt for tourists.

“We often plug ourselves arsenic the crossroads of the Texas Mountain Trail,” Brewster said. “We’re close present successful the halfway and this tin beryllium your hub for each your adventures successful acold West Texas.”

As for the interaction that Blue Origin’s operations person had connected the town, the absorption among locals is mixed. While employees and contractors person been moving astatine the installation since astir 2005, Brewster said it’s conscionable been successful the past 5 years oregon truthful that workers for Blue Origin person started integrating themselves into the community.

“When they were successful the improvement stages, Blue Origin was truthful secretive astir what was going on, their radical couldn’t truly socialize due to the fact that they couldn’t speech astir their enactment and things similar that,” Brewster said. “And it was like, present are the Blue Origin radical and present are the Van Horn people. But that’s starting to alteration for the better.”

One of the roadblocks to connecting locals and the scientists and engineers who enactment astatine Blue Origin is 1 that plagues galore agrarian American communities — a deficiency of disposable housing. A section developer constructed astir a twelve two-bedroom homes and a tiny flat complex, and each of those were rapidly rented retired for Blue Origin employees. Of the astir 250 employees and contractors that enactment astatine the facility, Brewster said lone astir 40% unrecorded successful Van Horn.

Krissy Lerdal, whose hubby is an technologist for the company, said helium lived successful a section edifice for much than 4 years earlier yet relocating his household to Van Horn from New Mexico.

“When we looked to bargain here, determination were 5 houses connected the market, nary of which passed inspection, and truthful we had to bring successful a modular home,” Lerdal said. “It’s not my imagination home, but lodging is lacking.”

Still, successful the three-and-a-half years that she has lived here, Lerdal said she has worked hard to integrate herself into the community. Her children be the section schoolhouse system, and she joined the Women’s Service League, which raises wealth for scholarships. She besides has a spot connected the city’s zoning board.

“I cognize the radical who are surviving present and bought homes present person been trying hard to beryllium involved,” she said. “It’s hard erstwhile astir of the assemblage is each related. We’re the outsiders and we don’t privation to measurement connected toes, but we privation to beryllium involved, and it’s a hard enactment to walk.

“I’m gladsome that I consciousness similar I’m portion of the community, but immoderate radical don’t consciousness that way.”

Linda McDonald, a longtime Van Horn nonmigratory and the territory clerk for the spot of Culberson County, said that portion she’s amazed astatine the imaginable of radical being launched into abstraction from practically her backmost yard, she bristles astatine the proposition that Blue Origin enactment Van Horn connected the map.

“We are already connected the map,” she told a radical of astir 100 graduates of Van Horn High School during a caller pep rally and reunion that was portion of the town’s yearly jubilee. “You person helped enactment america connected the map, and we should beryllium arrogant of that.”

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