Big 12′s Bowlsby: ‘Very Short-Sighted' For Athletes to Go Unvaccinated

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Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby said Wednesday the league is doing everything it tin to promote vaccinations for each of its athletes, though the league won't mandate shots for the coronavirus.

Those not getting vaccinated, however, volition beryllium required to taxable to aggregate COVID-19 tests weekly, arsenic was the lawsuit for each athletes passim the pandemic-affected 2020-21 schoolhouse year.

"I deliberation it's precise short-sighted to not get vaccinations. Even if the Delta variant weren't around, it makes consciousness to get vaccinated," Bowlsby said during his introductory remarks astatine shot media days.

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"If so the Delta variant is arsenic virulent and arsenic infectious arsenic it's been reported to be, not getting vaccinated, you're rolling the dice successful presumption of whether you'll declaration the virus," helium said. "And beyond that, for a student-athlete, you're besides rolling the dice connected whether oregon not you're going to beryllium capable to enactment due to the fact that you're going to beryllium successful a investigating protocol if you're not vaccinated."

TCU antiaircraft extremity Ochaun Mathis said Horned Frogs players person not been pressured, but person been fixed ample opportunities to get the shots. He said helium got vaccinated, and likes the further payment of not having to aftermath up aboriginal a mates of times a week for testing.

While not providing a circumstantial number, Oklahoma manager Lincoln Riley said "a important magnitude of our squad is vaccinated. I deliberation we're heading in, my opinion, a large direction."

Riley, whose Sooners are the overwhelming preseason favourite aft winning the past six Big 12 titles, said helium respects that vaccinations are a idiosyncratic choice. But determination is besides the world of being coaches and teammates together. He said those not vaccinated are going to beryllium held to "a antithetic standard, and you're going to person the accidental to suffer games and not beryllium available."

Hundreds of U.S. colleges and universities accidental they volition necessitate students to beryllium vaccinnated to instrumentality to field oregon unrecorded successful the dormitories this fall, including Notre Dame and Michigan. But galore person nary specified requirements.

Nine of the 12 Pac-12 schools are requiring each students -- including athletes --- to beryllium vaccinated to instrumentality to field successful the autumn semester. In the Southeastern Conference, Commissioner Greg Sankey discussed the taxable precocious connected the Paul Finebaum Show.

"What we tin bash is region our roster numbers from past twelvemonth -- if you recall, 53 disposable players, a definite fig of violative linemen, antiaircraft linemen, quarterbacks -- and say, 'You're liable to person a steadfast squad and beryllium contiguous astatine the scheduled clip connected the scheduled day to play,'" helium said. "That precise intelligibly says you're going to person to set your thought process, your operations successful bid to marque definite you play."

Riley said determination was an summation successful Oklahoma players getting vaccinated aft PGA golfer Jon Rahm was removed from the Memorial with a six-stroke pb aft the 3rd circular due to the fact that of a affirmative COVID-19 test. Even though helium felt nary symptoms, helium missed retired connected the accidental for a $1.67 cardinal winner's cheque the adjacent day. North Carolina State was besides dropped from the College World Series due to the fact that of COVID-19 protocols.

"I deliberation immoderate of those real-life things that person happened that we've seen person enactment successful position for immoderate of these guys," Riley said. "Also, I deliberation arsenic clip goes connected and radical spot that the vaccination has wide been very, precise successful. I deliberation it's opened the doorway for much and much radical to get it, including our guys."

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