Armed Commando Springs Local Cartel Leader From Mexican Jail

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A commando of men dressed successful subject cogwheel and carrying rifles burst into a prosecution holding installation successful the Mexican borderline metropolis of Reynosa, crossed the borderline from McAllen, Texas, and freed the section person of the Gulf cartel.

Prosecutors successful the authorities of Tamaulipas said Wednesday the battle occurred astir 7 p.m. Tuesday aft the antheral was detained by constabulary adjacent Reynosa.

He was being held pending an archetypal quality earlier a judge. The commando subdued guards and took the fishy with them.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

Prosecutors identified the detained fishy by his nickname, "Calamardo." That is the sanction utilized by Jose Alfredo Hernandez Campos, who is besides known arsenic "El Metro 27".

Police fanned retired looking for the commando and the escaped suspect, and prosecutors said they came nether occurrence from 1 vehicle. Police returned fire, sidesplitting 1 of the occupants and detaining another.

One of those suspects had an recognition paper purportedly from the Defense Department, though it was not wide if it was genuine. Both had rifles and wore military-style camouflage clothing.

Another 2 suspects were detained later.

The Metros are 1 of the larger factions of the now-splintered Gulf cartel, who person been warring rival factions for power of the area.

Assaults by cartel gunmen to escaped captured suspects are not uncommon successful Tamaulipas, wherever remnants of the Gulf cartel and the aged Zetas pack person been carrying retired turf battles for much than a decade. The borderline cities are lucrative routes for smuggling drugs and migrants.

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