Arlington Police to Outline Continued Plan for Fighting Crime

3 months ago 14
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The Arlington Police Department is giving an update Monday greeting connected the results of a transgression simplification strategy launched earlier this year.

Arlington constabulary launched "Operation Connect" successful effect to rising transgression trends that Arlington and galore different communities are experiencing, the section said.

According to police, the extremity of this inaugural is to trim convulsive crime, superior wounded and fatal crashes, arsenic good arsenic to physique affirmative relationships successful neighborhoods.


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The section said it has identified 7 zones wherever resources are strategically deployed to apprehension convulsive offenders, region amerciable guns and drugs from neighborhoods, and deter reckless driving behaviors done precocious visibility postulation enforcement.

On Monday astatine 11 a.m., the section volition big a property league to sermon Operation Connect successful greater detail.

Chief of Police Al Jones and Operation Connect Commander Deputy Chief Kyle Dishko volition talk during the event. The section besides said it plans to show respective firearms recovered arsenic portion of Operation Connect.

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