Arlington Man Hopeful for Wheelchair Accessible Van to Help Him Work Again

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Something Good is happening successful Arlington, wherever a antheral is getting a accidental of his beingness – each acknowledgment to his determination and a small assistance from his community.

More than 20 years ago, Rick Snyder was paralyzed from the thorax down successful a car accident.

“When I had the accident, it took maine a portion to adjacent privation to get backmost into a car,” helium said. “My car flipped, it was not pretty. But for immoderate reason, God kept maine here.”

He sustained a C6 and C7 spinal cord injury, which took distant the usage of his legs and greatly affected mobility successful his hands and arms. Since then, extended rehab has helped him accommodate to beingness successful a wheelchair.

Rick Snyder

But it hasn't been easy.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

He struggled to proceed working. At 1 point, helium commuted a full of 10 miles by wheelchair betwixt 2 jobs, due to the fact that helium couldn't spend a modified vehicle.

Now, helium relies connected conscionable $500 per period successful Social Security disability. He besides needs carnal assistance from caregivers and loved ones.

However, helium inactive strives to enactment again and beryllium independent.

“It’s conscionable a consciousness of accomplishment,” helium said. “For idiosyncratic that’s not had that for a while, it’s been 20 years. That’s similar a immense value lifted disconnected your shoulders.”

The nonprofit Help Hope Live is helping Snyder big a fundraiser this play to rise wealth for a wheelchair-accessible van with modifications for him to thrust connected his own.

“I’ll beryllium capable to rotation my seat close up into the backmost of the van and past I tin transportation to the operator seat, which swivels back,” helium said. “That means nary much sitting successful the rain. And it volition instrumentality a batch of unit disconnected of my caregiver connected her shoulders.”

Help Hope Live is simply a nationalist nonprofit aesculapian fundraising level that helps patients similar Snyder commencement unafraid and medically verified fundraising campaigns backed by one-on-one fundraising help. The enactment specializes successful engaging communities successful secure, tax-deductible fundraising campaigns for radical who request a transplant oregon are affected by a catastrophic wounded oregon illness.

Since 1983, campaigns organized by Help Hope Live person raised implicit $150 cardinal to wage diligent expenses.

Rick Snyder

Snyder said he's not letting his disablement specify the remainder of his life.

"I conscionable privation to accidental to the radical who person spinal cord injuries oregon immoderate benignant of disablement – your beingness is not implicit conscionable due to the fact that it happened to you. Whatever happened to you, yes, it bites. But your life's not over,” helium said. "As agelong arsenic you support pushing, you volition get wherever you request to beryllium and want."

The Wheels for Rick fundraiser is this Saturday from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. astatine the Elm Grove Pavilion astatine River Legacy Park successful Arlington.

There volition beryllium unrecorded music, raffle prizes, nutrient trucks and peculiar impermanent speakers of section metropolis leaders.

Snyder hopes his lawsuit tin assistance rise consciousness for the struggles radical with disabilities tin face.

“If I could alteration 1 thing, it would beryllium consciousness of disabilities similar excavation successful our society,” helium said. “This benignant of mishap tin hap to anyone, and determination is specified a beardown request to assistance radical get backmost to being productive members of society.”

If you can't marque it to the event, online donations are besides being accepted by clicking here.

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