‘An Opportunity to Right the Wrong': Dallas Releases Plan for Southern Gateway Deck Park in Oak Cliff

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More than 50 years ago, the operation of Interstate 35E divided and destroyed neighborhoods successful Oak Cliff and South Dallas.

Now, residents whitethorn soon spot portion of the metropolis of Dallas' and the Texas Department of Transportation's efforts to "right the wrong" with a 5.5-acre platform parkland successful Oak Cliff that volition beryllium constructed implicit a conception of I-35E and link South Dallas neighborhoods.

Dallas released its maestro plans Tuesday for the Southern Gateway platform park, part of the Southern Gateway Project.


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Phase One of the platform parkland volition span from Ewing and Marsalis avenues connected I-35E, straight adjacent to the Dallas Zoo, and diagnostic a tract and implicit 250 trees.

It volition besides see different features requested by the community, with a signifier and pavilion, a children's playground, a dedicated nutrient motortruck country and a multipurpose building.

Photos: “An Opportunity to Right The Wrong”: Dallas Releases Plan for Southern Gateway Deck Park successful Oak Cliff

That 2.8-acre conception "aims to unfastened to the nationalist successful precocious 2023," the Southern Gateway Public Green Foundation, a backstage nonprofit instauration that manages the park, said connected its website.

Construction of the parkland itself is acceptable to statesman successful 2022, aft the operation of the deck, which volition enactment the park, is completed. TxDOT began that enactment successful July 2020 and is astir halfway finished.

The parkland is simply a public-private concern betwixt the Southern Gateway Public Green Foundation and the city, TxDOT and the North Central Texas Council of Governments. It volition outgo astir $82 million, with $35 cardinal coming from the instauration for the parkland and a combined $7 cardinal coming from Dallas metropolis enslaved funds and $40 cardinal from the NCTCOG for the deck.

The foundation, which manages the nationalist parkland arsenic portion of the partnership, decided to physique the parkland successful 2 phases backmost successful 2017 owed to a deficiency of capable funding.

Phase Two of the park's timeline is babelike connected securing further infrastructure funding. Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson signed a missive of a conjugation of mayors nationwide supporting president Joe Biden's infrastructure bundle Tuesday.

He told The Dallas Morning News' Sharon Grigsby that the Southern Gateway platform parkland fits wrong Biden's telephone for correcting injustices successful neglected communities with nationalist infrastructure.

“This task is precisely wrong that scope,” Johnson said to Grigsby. “We’re not conscionable doing the bare minimum to link those communities from a civilian engineering standpoint but to bash things wrong the parkland to thrust that equity piece.”

The parkland is connecting what a task unit survey said are 2 of the lowest-income census tracts successful Dallas. The 10th Street Historic District, a Freedman's town, was populated by erstwhile slaves and deemed a landmark vicinity successful 1993.

But the operation of I-35E successful the aboriginal 1960s chopped the country disconnected from the remainder of Oak Cliff.

A pedestrian pathway named the 12th Street Promenade is an effort to reconnect that country with a bulk Latino assemblage connected the different broadside of I-35E, which Grigsby wrote is "exemplified by the bustling vibe connected Jefferson Boulevard."

The walkable pathway volition beryllium lined with "interactive information" astir erstwhile and existent notable Oak Cliff residents.

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