AAA Texas Reports Rising Gas Prices as Demand Remains Strong

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The vigor scale is not the lone happening going up successful Texas, arsenic AAA reports an summation successful gasoline prices owed to precocious request this summer.

Currently, the mean state terms successful Texas is $2.84 for a gallon of regular unleaded substance making it 93 cents much per gallon compared to past year.

In a caller survey, the car rank work recovered that drivers successful Odessa and Midland are paying the astir connected mean astatine $3.04 portion drivers successful the Houston and San Antonio areas are paying the slightest astatine $2.78 per gallon.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

Following Independence Day travel, the Energy Information Administration reported the U.S. gasoline request fig fell week-to-week from a precocious of much than 10 cardinal barrels a time to 9.3 million.

With the summation successful demand, state stations are besides seeing a emergence successful crude lipid prices, which is the pb origin successful what customers are paying astatine the pump. AAA says crude lipid prices person fluctuated this week arsenic OPEC+ members effort to travel to an statement connected planetary output.

"The upward inclination successful state prices continued for different week, albeit conscionable by a fewer cents for the statewide average," said AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster said successful a written statement. "And portion crude lipid prices person been connected a spot of a rollercoaster lately, they stay elevated from past year, which is wherefore we are each paying much for gasoline."

For much accusation connected state prices successful your area, sojourn the AAA Texas tract astatine

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