6-Year-Old Boy Drowns in Mesquite Pool, Police Say

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A 6-year-old died aft helium was recovered unresponsive Wednesday astatine a Mesquite pool, constabulary said.

At astir 7:54 p.m., officers responded to a imaginable drowning telephone successful the 600 artifact of East Kearney Street. Upon arrival, officers recovered the 6-year-old lad unresponsive and laying connected the broadside of the pool, constabulary said.

After life-saving efforts were instantly initiated by officers past by paramedics, the 6-year-old was transported to a section hospital, wherever helium was aboriginal pronounced dead, constabulary said.


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The decease of the unnamed kid comes aft a 5-year-old drowned successful a Fort Worth excavation Tuesday and different 5-year-old drowned successful Mansfield Wednesday. Both of those drownings were ruled accidental.

Mesquite constabulary did not accidental whether the drowning of the 6-year-old Wednesday was accidental.

Last Friday, a abstracted 6-year-old besides died aft helium was recovered unresponsive successful a Frisco HOA pool.

According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, 37 children person died successful h2o astir the authorities this twelvemonth from January 1 to July 1.

Cook Children's released caller PSAs this summer, encouraging parents to ever person a afloat attentive big designated to ticker children successful h2o who remains wrong arm’s reach.

“They don’t talk, they don’t drink, they don’t look astatine their phones. You person to person that idiosyncratic successful complaint of watching. That is your occupation for 10-15 minutes, past you walk it off,” said Cook Children’s trauma wounded prevention coordinator Sharon Evans.

Other drowning prevention tips see creating barriers to the excavation similar a four-sided obstruction and making definite everyone wears beingness jackets erstwhile boating oregon astatine the lake.

You tin work much excavation information tips present from Children's Health.

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