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A YouTube creator with 2 million subscribers shares the 24-page media kit she uses to pitch brands including case studies from previous campaigns

Marina Mogilko
  • Entrepreneur and YouTube creator Marina Mogilko runs three successful YouTube channels, a 343,000-subscriber business channel, "Silicon Valley Girl," a 1.1 million subscriber main channel under her name, and a language channel with 2.3 million subscribers, "linguamarina."
  • Mogilko has worked with brands like Audible and Skillshare on sponsored videos. 
  • She told Business Insider that she sends a media kit to the brands who reach out and the ones she pitches, which includes case studies of past campaigns and her audience analytics. 
  • She shared the most up-to-date version of her 24-page media kit with Business Insider. 
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Entrepreneur and YouTube creator Marina Mogilko runs three successful YouTube channels, and as a part of her digital business she works with brands on sponsored campaigns.   
Mogilko is behind the 343,000-subscriber business channel, "Silicon Valley Girl," the 1.1 million subscriber vlog channel under her name, and the language channel with 2.3 million subscribers, "linguamarina."
She lives in San Francisco and is the cofounder of a travel agency, LinguaTrip.
Mogilko's YouTube business earns money through her promoting brands within videos, on Instagram and from the ads that play in her channel.
Many influencers, especially those primarily working on Instagram, say brand sponsorships are their main source of income — with brands set spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022, according to Business Insider Intelligence.
Influencers use their media kits as a tool to showcase their value to a brand or company.
Mogilko has worked with companies like Audible and Skillshare on sponsored content. She told Business Insider that she sends a media kit to the brands who reach out and the ones she pitches, which includes case studies of past campaigns and her audience analytics.
Including performance metrics in a media kit is as important as highlighting content, Alessandro Bogliari, cofounder and CEO of The Influencer Marketing Factory, told Business Insider in February.
"When I say metrics, I don't talk only about vanity metrics (likes, comments, views) but also about conversions," he told Business Insider in an email. "A lot of brands are looking not only anymore for brand awareness but for real conversions (sign-ups, e-commerce sales, use of promo codes, etc). If we see any reference to actual important numbers and metrics in an influencer kit we know that we are talking with a professional that cares about giving real value to our client."
Mogilko's media kit highlights the previous brands she's worked with, her audience demographics across her three YouTube channels, and some of her past work.

Here's what the latest version of Mogilko's media kit looks like:

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Mogilko's media kit starts off with a cover page.

Her media kit begins with her channel categories, business, education, languages, life in Silicon Valley and personal development.
She includes her business name: Linguamarina, Inc. and her location: San Franciso, California.

She reaches over 3 million viewers across her multiple YouTube channels and Instagram page.

In the next slide, Mogilko breaks down her audience reach on social media.
She has the following subscribers and followers:
  • YouTube, Silicon Valley Girl: 343,000 followers
  • YouTube, Linguamarina: 2.3 million subscribers
  • Instagram: 625,000 followers

In her about page, Mogilko writes that she owns three companies: Linguatrip, FluentExpress, and Linguamarina

Mogilko also sells courses on how to become a blogger and YouTuber creator. Over 1,000 people have taken her courses, according to the media kit.

Mogilko states that she has never purchased followers, likes or comments for her social channels.

As concerns for fake engagement metrics or follower counts rise on social-media, brands want to work with creators who offer authentic viewership and performance metrics.

On her language channel, Mogilko averages 200,000 views per video.

Mogilko lists the audience demographics for her 2-million subscriber language channel.
  • Her audience is between the ages of 18 and 44-years-old. 
  • 52% male viewers, 48% female
  • The top countries her viewership is from are US, UK, Canada, Russia, and India.

The core audience on her language YouTube channel are people between the ages of 18 and 34.

Mogilko shares her core audience demographics, which is an important metric for brands and a way to know what audience the campaign will reach.

She shares a case study from her sponsorship with the language course company Lingoda.

The goal of the sponsored campaign was to attract new customers and raise course awareness for the company.
The campaign was a long-term partnership with 6 total YouTube videos. The videos were 2-minute long integrations.
  • Total campaign views: 767,000
  • Total comments: 2,844
  • Total signups: 217

She also shared a case study from a campaign with the course program, Skillshare.

The goal: To promote online classes and attract new customers.
This was a long-term partnership that spanned across 11 YouTube videos. The campaign was a 2-minute long integration within a single video.
  • Total views: 4,196,000
  • Total comments: 10,642
  • Total signups: 864

Mogilko also interviews people on her YouTube channel, like the actor, stand-up comedian and writer Jimmy O. Yang.

She included a screenshot of her YouTube creator dashboard analytics from that video to show the overall reach.

Next, Mogilko breaks down the demographics for her second YouTube channel: Silicon Valley Girl.

Her tech and business channel, Silicon Valley Girl has over 341,000 subscribers and gains an average 180,000 views per video.
  • Her audience is between the ages of 18 and 44-years-old. 
  • 60% male viewers, 40% female.
  • The top countries her viewership is from: US, UK, Canada, Russia and India. 

The core audience of her tech channel is people between the ages of 23 and 42.

Her core audience consists of business-oriented people and entrepreneurs.

In her next case study, Mogilko breaks down her campaign with the audio book service, Audible.

The goal of the campaign was to raise brand awareness and attract new customers for Audible.
This was a long-term partnership, across 5 YouTube integrations. The campaign appeared within a 2 to 4 minute clip and an attached promo code linked below the video.
  • Total views: 764,000
  • Total comments: 2,389
  • Total signups: 236

Mogilko lists some names of professions who she's interviewed on her social channels.

By collaborating with other professionals in her industry, Mogilko is able to increase her channel engagement and reach new audiences.

Mogilko writes that by integrating new people on her channel, she is able to reach a larger audience.

Collaborating with others is one way creators on social media reach new audiences, subscribers and customers.

On Instagram, Mogilko averages around 33,428 likes per post.

On the Linguamarina Instagram page, Mogilko reaches an audience of people between the ages of 18 and 34.
Her daily engagement rate is 37%, and her average Instagram Story reach is 61,514.

Mogilko includes personal sentiments every few slides.

Mogilko writes: "Investing money, times and energy into creation of high-quality pictures and meaningful captions improve connections with both you and your brand."

Next, Mogilko adds case studies from her Instagram campaigns. This one is from a sponsorship with Skillshare.

On Instagram, Mogilko sponsored Skillshare in 5 integrations.
A single Instagram integration consists of 3 Instagram Stories (per day), with a swipe up link and caption suggestions.
  • Average views: 62,480
  • Average clicks: 870 

In her campaign with the brand Puffy, Mogilko posted one sponsored Instagram post and giveaway, tagging the account.

The result of the campaign:
  • 400 saves 

Mogilko breaks down the steps to promoting a brand on her social channels.

Her workflow includes: sow, agreement, payment, content production, preview, post production, release, feedback.

Mogilko says she only promotes the brands she is highly interested in.

In 2019, she refused over 30 companies for a brand campaign, according to her media kit.

She offers sponsored packages on her YouTube channel and Instagram page.

A sponsored YouTube package includes:
  • A 1-2 minute product review.
  • Link to product in the description box. 
  • Onscreen placement. 
  • 20-second shoutout. 
  • Dedicated video. 
She also offers a sponsored Instagram post option.

More on sponsored packages, including Instagram, public speaking and commercial purchase on several channels.

Sponsored Instagram Stories include 3 dedicated Stories in a row with tags, swipe-up links, and Geotags.
Other social media packages include:
  • A YouTube and Instagram set
  • Instagram post and Instagram Stories
  • Event attendance and social promo

She lists some of the past brands she has worked with on sponsored content.

Some of the brands she has partnered with include Audible, Skillshare, and Brilliant.

She ends her media kit with her contact information.

Mogilko provides her email (which has been redacted for print purposes) as a way for brands to easily contact her.

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