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The epitaph will read, “He had to get sparkling parsley.”

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Outside the entrance of the keep I am about to confront our biggest fear, our biggest enemy. Not the coronavirus itself, however its practicable carrier. The purchasing cart.

Another merciless paradox: These four-wheeled, apparently harmless creations are now our lifeline to keeping life’s necessities — beer, tortillas, cookies and skim-milk espresso creamer — whilst Fort Worth News doubling as the host that will flip us all into dinosaurs.Makes you marvel if the Tyrannosaurus Rex and his Velociraptor associates all bit it now not due to the fact of a “giant meteorite” however their purchasing carts, and cussed refusal to effectively social distance.

As national, kingdom and nearby governments shut the world, and put in force “social distancing guidelines,” the outing to the shop remains curiously a protected adventure.Previously the most senseless of activities, grabbing a purchasing cart and pushing it round a store, is now an workout in overcoming our 2d best fear. (No. 1 is public speaking. No. 2 is death.)

Fort Worth Breaking News About Corona 

Even earlier than I stroll into the shop I have clutched the handlebar to the cart, and then proceed interior the place I am greeted with the aid of an unnervingly confident worker who arms me a wipe.

It’s too late. My arms have gripped this handlebar for no much less than 30 seconds. Was it wiped down with bleach and disinfectant after the remaining man or woman used to be done?Did that the final character who touched this cart have the coronavirus? Or, worse, terrible credit? This is no longer the time to be contaminated with awful credit.Assuming my cart used to be sprayed, Press Release Distribution Service did the disinfectant can have ample of the juice to kill the coronavirus micro organism lurking on this handlebar? Or was once the can nearly empty?

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