18-Year-Old Joining Blue Origin's 1st Passenger Spaceflight

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An 18-year-old is astir to go the youngest idiosyncratic successful space, rocketing distant with an aviation pioneer who volition go the oldest astatine property 82.

Blue Origin announced Thursday that alternatively of an auction victor launching with laminitis Jeff Bezos connected Tuesday, Oliver Daemen volition beryllium connected board. The institution said he'll beryllium the archetypal paying customer, but did not disclose the outgo of his ticket.

Also soaring connected Blue Origin's archetypal motorboat with passengers: Bezos' member and Wally Funk, 1 of 13 pistillate pilots who went done the aforesaid studies successful the aboriginal 1960s arsenic NASA's Mercury 7 astronauts did, but were rejected for being women.

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The 4 volition blast disconnected from West Texas atop a New Shepard rocket for a 10-minute flight.

According to Blue Origin, Daemen took a twelvemonth disconnected aft precocious schoolhouse to get his backstage pilot's license. He'll be the University of Utrecht successful the Netherlands successful September.

"This marks the opening of commercialized operations for New Shepard, and Oliver represents a caller procreation of radical who volition assistance america physique a roadworthy to space," Blue Origin CEO Bob Smith said successful a statement.

Blue Origin said the yet-to-be-identified victor of the $28 cardinal foundation auction is stepping speech due to the fact that of a scheduling struggle and volition drawback a aboriginal flight.

Bezos volition go the 2nd idiosyncratic to thrust his ain rocket into space, pursuing Virgin Galactic's Richard Branson by 9 days.

Soviet cosmonaut Ghermon Titov holds the grounds for the youngest to alert successful space. He was 25 erstwhile helium blasted into orbit 4 months aft Yuri Gagarin, the archetypal idiosyncratic successful space. John Glenn was 77 erstwhile helium launched aboard abstraction shuttle Discovery successful 1998, 37 years aft becoming the archetypal American to orbit the world.

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