16 full-time remote jobs in cryptocurrency for developers, leaders and recruiters

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If you're looking to onshore a WFH job, rewrite your resume to item erstwhile acquisition with distant enactment and managing distant teams.

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Two forces successful the occupation marketplace are creating the cleanable tempest for IT professionals: the maturation of cryptocurrency companies and the tendency to find a afloat distant job. Some crypto companies are  afloat distant and person ever operated that way. Other leaders person recognized that not offering a distant enactment enactment volition bounds the endowment excavation significantly. A scan of unfastened jobs with these firms shows that distant enactment is ever an option. If you are 1 of the galore professionals who wants to support moving from home, it's worthy looking astatine occupation openings astatine crypto companies.

Whether you're a developer, a task manager oregon a tech recruiter, determination are tons of options for uncovering a caller job. Before you commencement applying, the archetypal measurement is to revamp your resume. Brie Reynolds, vocation improvement manager and manager astatine FlexJobs, recommends highlighting distant enactment acquisition successful these 3 ways:

  1. List "remote work" adjacent to occupation titles, specified arsenic "Director of selling (100% distant work)."
  2. Include it successful the descriptions of past jobs: "Led a squad of 5 lawsuit work reps successful a wholly distant enactment environment, and earned an mean squad restitution standing of 94%."
  3. Build it into the skills section.

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"Time and task management, communication, self-management, the quality to enactment independently and comfortableness with exertion are immoderate of the apical skills employers similar to spot erstwhile hiring for distant jobs," she said.

Reynolds besides suggests sending a convey you enactment aft each interviews and pursuing up with the hiring manager aft the exertion model closes.

"Overall, a bully regularisation of thumb for exertion follow-up is 1 to 2 weeks aft applying," she said. 

Reynolds recommends rereading the occupation posting to corroborate the details astir the station earlier contacting the employer.

"It whitethorn adjacent accidental specifically connected the occupation posting not to telephone oregon email aft you apply," she said. "If you travel up anyway, the leader whitethorn deliberation you didn't work the posting oregon you can't travel directions."

Now that you've got a refreshed resume and a post-interview follow-up plan, instrumentality a look astatine these distant jobs successful the cryptocurrency sector.

Chief of staff, president and main operating officer, Coinbase  
U.S. national, full-time, remote.
Duties see creating a operation for a COO and president to amended visibility with their nonstop reports, starring and participating successful peculiar projects, processing operational betterment processes and creating presentations.

Data scientist, Coinbase  
U.S. national, full-time, remote.
Measure concern performance, make halfway metrics and make dashboards to way and recognize them for a cryptocurrency platform. Must person a bachelor's grade and 5 years of experience. 

Full stack engineer, Blockstack
U.S. national, full-time, New York, New York oregon remote.
Implement Blockstack diagnostic upgrades, improvements, and architectural builds; collaborate with a squad to vessel large merchandise builds; present connected accelerated implementation schedules to physique web functionality that is fast, scalable and upholds astute improvement goals and principles.

Graphic designer—games, Bitcoin.com 
International, full-time, remote.
Lead selling projects for the company's games' properties, support consciousness of manufacture and exertion standards, the competitory scenery and societal media, make landing pages and reusable plan templates. 

Head of developer growth, Blockstack
U.S. national, full-time, New York, New York oregon remote.
Lead each maturation efforts for developer platform; study to the CEO and beryllium connected the enforcement team; plan, implement, and optimize maturation strategies against measurable KPIs; hire, mentor and manager a squad of marketers, maturation hackers and assemblage managers; optimize online and unrecorded touch-points and media to summation developer adoption. 

Mobile app developer, Bitfinex  
International, full-time, remote. 
Design and physique Bitfinex mobile applications and beryllium liable for scalability and information visualization. The squad is rully distant and globally distributed.

Project manager, crypto enactment operations, Coinbase 
U.S. national, full-time, remote.
Project manager is needed for a distant relation to supply enactment for crypto enactment operations. Lead projects crossed antithetic lines of concern and merchandise areas. At slightest 5 years of applicable acquisition is required.

Quantitative researcher, Coinbase  
U.S. national, full-time, remote. 
Conduct research, people data, support manufacture knowledge, make quantitative models and supply industry-specific expertise. Master's grade and related acquisition required.

Senior backend developer, Ark.io
U.S. national, full-time, remote.
Will instrumentality specifications, place bottlenecks, trial code, amended functionality and supply expertise. More than 5 years' related typescript acquisition required.  

Senior fiscal readying and investigation associate, Chainlink Labs
International, full-time, remote.
Develop models, assistance with fiscal readying and present fiscal information and outgo projections. Must person an involvement successful the blockchain manufacture and person astatine slightest 5 years' acquisition successful an analytical setting.  

Senior NodeJS engineer, Bitfinex
International, full-time, remote. 
The Bitfinex backends are chiefly utilizing Node.js. The presumption requires adept JS/Node.js acquisition and is disposable to anyone self-driven, and with the experience, information and capableness to lend to the company's vision. Self-motivation is indispensable for each squad members.

Senior bundle engineer, Ankr
U.S. National, full-time, distant oregon San Francisco, California.
The elder bundle engineer's duties see designing and implementing concern applications, creating merchandise features and integrating blockchains with the company's platform. This afloat distant relation requires acquisition gathering modern, analyzable applications.

Senior bundle engineer, cryptography and systems, Protocol Labs
International, full-time, remote.
Build the adjacent procreation of peer-to-peer software, moving connected projects similar libp2p, IPFS and Filecoin; lend to steering and attraction of implementations of IPFS, Filecoin, libp2p and akin open source projects; make oregon support bundle libraries and programs depended connected by different systems and applications; lend to protocol plan and specification efforts.

Senior method recruiter, Coinbase 
U.S. national, full-time, remote.
Will ain the afloat recruitment process, including interview-and-offer process, gathering a pipeline of method candidates utilizing sourcing channels, and maintaining information integrity and study recruiting metrics. Bachelor's grade and 5 years of acquisition required.

Senior UI designer, Exodus.io  
International, full-time, remote.
Own the originative process, make iterative designs for projects and supply enactment to improvement teams. Requires proficient Adobe CC and Sketch skills, arsenic good arsenic important ocular plan experience.  

Visual decorator - Illustrator, Kraken 
International, full-time, distant
The ocular decorator volition nutrient intuitive interfaces, make illustrations and icons, and germinate illustration guidelines. This distant relation requires astatine slightest 4 years' illustration experience; illustrating acquisition with mobile and web apps.

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